Folder Poetry


Your Folder Poem documentation

To send your poems to the pi –>

scp -r [drag your full path to your folder poem here] pi@
password: canicomein

To SSH into the pi –>

ssh pi@

password: canicomein


Consensual Hacking

  • Opening discussion
    • How has the terminal felt to you as a place for intimacy with your computer
    • What went into your decision to opt-in or opt-out to this activity?
  • Guide


☀︎ Final Project Description

Our class culminates in the development of a project over the course of 5 weeks defined by your individual skills and personal interests. The project should relate to themes of this class. Possible themes include and are not limited to sex, gender, technology, cybernetics, and feminism(s). This project can be in any medium such as software, performance, movement, a workshop/workbook, zine, website, interactive sculpture, installation, animation, oral history, etc. As we will have time to workshop and develop our ideas over time, you are encouraged to try a medium you are currently learning or have not yet worked with before. You are also encouraged to exercise a critical voice in your concept and idea. Be ready to explain why what you made is interesting to you, and what ideas you’re exploring with your work.

In the last two weeks of class, everyone will share and turn in a 10 minute slide presentation with photo and video documentation as well as writing describing the questions you were asking, the challenges you faced if any, and the ideas you were exploring through your project.



Challenge yourself to let go of an attachment to “good” ideas and towards an attachment to ideas that make you feel things, ask questions, and be critical.

Remind yourself that production is not always material, remind yourself that value can be self-defined.



Homework due 11/8 (2 weeks)

Enjoy the break! We return on 11/8 to discuss sexual labor and technology with ITP alum Gabrielle Garcia

Cybernetics of Sex 5 Week Final Project
This is the gathering stage. You do not need to know what you will make yet. Consider the topic, theory related to that topic, possible mediums you could explore for your project, people you might want to reach out to to inform your process, other artists doing work that speaks to you, and other artists who have made work around this topic.
– Create an arena channel where you will begin collecting research for your final project with at least 15 blocks of references and ideas.






Nahee Kim