• Folder Poetry Slides
  • tree, treefile, customizing command prompt
  • Consensual Hacking 
  • Presentation: How Culture Shapes Science

Alok Vaid-Menon Book Reports



Homework Due Next Week


Develop and document (with screenshots) your folder poem to be explored by your peers on a raspberry pi (small computer). Drop this documentation here:


Consensual Hacking


If you would like to participate, please sign up by Wednesday

  • If you would like to choose who you are paired with indicate this in the form at the end. (Make sure they also signed up for this activity and are down to be your partner)
  • Duplicate and fill out this contract to be signed by your partner next class. 
  • Get creative, poetic, and bold with what your partner will be exploring in your computer and what you may be inviting them to leave there for you.
  • This is an exercise in defining what what you dont want and ask for what you do want 
  • Make sure your version of the contract is renamed with your name as the host and your partner’s name as the guest. 
  • Both partners fill out and sign this contract as the Host. Both partners will sign both contracts as the guest in class next week. 
  • Upload your contracts to this drive: