Nahee Kim


Device by Nahee Kim



Folder Poetry: The practice of using the structure of computer folder organization as a new kind of poetic form like the haiku or iambic pentameter. By naming and nesting folders and files, we can create unfolding narratives, rhythmic prose, and choose-your-own-adventure poetry.


Homework due next week

  • Create a sketch of Folder Poem using only the terminal that describes a speculative liberatory living environment for you
    • Is it in a home with rooms? Is it in a forest, an ocean, in the clouds? How are systems of sexuality and gender facilitated, altered, or represented in the design of this space? Is there anyone with you? Is your family with you? What structures the social life of this living environment and how is that reflected in the architecture? What objects are in each room or space of this living environment? What thoughts are you having here and what kinds of conversations? What are the marks, traces, and records of the kind of life you lead here inside the space? 
  • Add documentation of your sketch to this arena channel.
    • Your sketch can be in any medium
    • Please add a description to your sketch saying a little about your concept for this folder poem.

 Inspiration & References



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