Week 5





✧ Homework over break

✧ Plan for and begin your final project. Before Friday, please upload a description of your project idea and documentation of your progress to this arena channel







Week 6, Guest Artist Nahee Kim






‘Final Projects’ Due next week 

  • Each person will have 5 minutes to share something. This can include sharing your screen (slides! desktop cinema! photos! raw code!) or it can be a more performative or interactive experience.
  • I will give feedback on your proposals in Arena this week and also feel free to email me with any questions.

Consider joining the Adjacent X Cybernetics of Sex Webzine working group ♡

This group will produce a container for what we’ve created together over the course of the J term. We are having our first planning meeting this Thursday for one hour in at a time between 3-6pm depending on your availability!

Let me know by messaging me if:

  • You would like to attend the meeting
  • You would like to support in an organizational/project management rol
  • With the concept/design
  • With front end code


Message to fellow students about “Final Projects” that Drey sent to Code Societies as they were preparing for a final showcase