Nahee Kim, Fantasy Genitals

Wife selling when divorce was only for the very wealthy in 1700’s England


Paul Preciado

Nahee Kim, Fantasy Genitals


☽☀︎ Homework for Next Week

We are gently beginning the “final” project due in three weeks

Look back on this in class activity about our capacities and our inspirations.

  1. Let go of any attachment to “good” ideas
  2. remind yourself that production is not always material, remind yourself that value can be self-defined
  3. After listing 10 or more capacities and inspirations each, move to the second slide and consider, what could come of combination, mixing, connecting
  4. Combine at least one item from each side and reach inside yourself for a project idea that makes use of X capacity and X inspiration.
  5. Repeat step 4 10 or more times. 
  6. Remind yourself that bad ideas are welcome here.
  7. Choose one idea to implement a first version of. If, as you begin working on carrying out this idea, the idea changes, that is very OK!
  8. Upload documentation of your first project to this arena channel and in the description, describe what capacities and inspirations led you here.


Reminder to those sharing this week 

1. Patrick
2. Dan Fries
3. Fernando
4. Danqi
5. Nicole
6. Zeyao
7. Emma
8. Dawn
9. chaski
12. Daniel Sendas

New office hour openings on Thursday afternoon

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