In class activity: Reading and Processing together

For the first 10 minutes of class, think back on the readings/materials you absorbed this week (1, 2, 3) and either:

  • Select one sentence from the text to read aloud to the class and share ~one sentence about what it is meaningful to you


  • Share a little about the reflective response you shared in our Week 1 Responses channel this week



  • Discussions from the readings  30min
  • Syllabus update 10min
  • Feminism/s 30min
  • Continuation of lecture from last week, Melanie shares
  • Cyberfeminism & the Cyberfeminist Index
In Seu’s telling, the term “cyberfeminism,” which came into usage in the early 1990s, “was meant as an oxymoron or provocation, a critique of the cyberbabes and fembots that stocked the sci-fi landscapes of the 1980s.” As a provocation, the term has certainly succeeded: over decades, it has brought feminisms and technologies into conflict and conversation, while the term itself has been contested, reimagined, debunked, and expanded. Cyberfeminism Index does not attempt to resolve these contradictions, but to honor the multiplicity of practices that might be gathered under this imperfect umbrella, particularly making efforts to center non-Western and nonbinary approaches.


It’s as if you Were Making Love

Primitive Accumulation


Office Hours

  • Sign up for office hours here
    • Office hours may be used for conceptual, technical feedback – or both!
    • you may know exactly what you want to talk about going in to an office hour or not! Office hours are also a chance to get to know the teacher/person better, have a conversation on a topic you’re interested in, or ask very general life/art/practice questions that may or may not be directly related to the contents of the class.


Welcome to our class Discord! I’m rather new to Discord and very open to your suggestions and actions to co-create a chat environment for this class that we are all excited about. Generally speaking, the Discord is a place to chat, share questions, resources and thoughts. Announcements will be shared here and 


Collaborative playlist : )



  • Our Arena group, invite to join here
  • Here are some helpful gifs that may serve as bite-sized guides on How to use
  • I really like using Arena for teaching. After a certain number of blocks added, it is not free so be mindful of that if you’re going all out adding things to arena, which can be really fun!
  • If you do run out of free blocks, let me know and we’ll find a solution.


☽☀︎Homework for Next Week 

Read the following two pieces and respond to them by creating a short performance, drawing, website, or something else! You aren’t required to “make” in the traditional sense; your project could be a practice, an event, a script, an object or an image. The only requirement is that it be documented in our Arena channel here. If you’re able to upload by Midnight on thursday, I will be better able to give you personalized feedback, thank you!

Alternate texts:

  • Fill out the Cybernetics of Sex Consent & General Questionnaireif you have not already, this was created to acknowledge the kinds of themes that may emerge, and to hear from you about expectations/hopes/needs around content that is shared and discussed in class.