Welcome to Cybernetics of Sex 

✧ Honor the land where you are ✧

  • Honor the land where you are – Our home for these in-person sessions is physically located on a server owned or contracted by Zoom while our bodies are elsewhere. Both the servers and where we sit take up space on land where other people once lived. Native-Land.ca | Our home on native land is a resource to find out who the original stewards of the land are where you are.

Complications of Zoom 


Zoom responds to privacy backlash by giving all its users end-to-end encryption

Countries where Zoom routes our traffic from class


Olivia Ross, https://www.instagram.com/cyberdoula/


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This class will be

  • 45% discussions and activities grounded in personal experience and readings
  • 35% project development
  • 20% lecture


☽☼ Homework for next week